Fruit Eaux-de-vie aged for 3 years

The eaux-de-vie distilled by Yves Lehmann stand out due to their authentic and unique tastes which show off to perfection the best products of their “terroir”. They are the quintessence of the know-how handed down through 5 generations of the Lehmann family.

The Lehmann distillery makes renowned eaux-de-vie which are an integral part of French Gastronomy, such as: Williams Pear, Raspberry, Old Plum, Kirsch, but also eaux-de-vie typical of our beautiful region of Alsace: Mirabelle, Quetsch, Alsatian Gewurztraminer Marc or Brewer’s eau-de-vie (a distillation made from beer).

Eaux-de-vie such as Wild Sloe, Elderberry, Hollyberry or Rowantree berry will delight the palates of the most discerning.

Wild Raspberry – 45%vol. Williams Pear Grande Réserve – 45%vol.

Old Plum – 45%vol. Brasseur (Beer Eau-de-vie ) – 40%vol.


These eaux-de-vie hall recently obtained an I.G.P

Indication Géographique Protégée (Protected Geographival Indication)

Alsatian Raspberry I.G.P – 45%vol.

Alsatian Mirabelle Plum I.G.P – 45%vol.

Alsatian Quetsch I.G.P – 45%vol.

Alsatian Kirsch (Cherry) I.G.P – 45%vol.


What is a Geographical Indication ?

The “Indication Géographique Protégée” (IGP) identifies an agricultural product whose quality and reputation are linked to its geographical origin. The IGP label is linked to a know-how; it protects the product at the national but also international level

Our Eaux-de-vie which have obtained the IGP label are subject to strict conditions which give prominence to Alsace as their region of origin.

One of the Lehmann Distillery’s great specialities is the distillation of marc. During the grape harvest, we collect the grapes as soon as they have been pressed from the local wine-growers. Back at the distillery we separate the stalks from the crushed grapes so as to keep only the best part for fermentation. The grapes which have been crushed and sorted are then stocked in fermentation vats, but before these are closed, the grapes have to be trampled underfoot to eliminate a maximum of air to ensure a good fermentation. These vats are then left to stand for several weeks before the next stage, the distillation.

Our range includes different kinds of marc:

Muscat Marc 45%vol.

Pinot Noir Marc 45%vol.

Klevener Marc (pink savagnin grape variety) 45%vol.

Gewurztraminer Marc 45%vol.

The Gewurztraminer Marc meets the production conditions of the A.O.C Alsace.

These eaux-de-vie possess particular and exceptional qualities. The wild personality of some of them arouse in the imagination subtle scents and delicate tastes.

Beam three Berry – 45%vol. Celery– 45%vol.

Quince – 45%vol. Rose hip – 45%vol.

Holly Berry – 45%vol. Black Berry – 45%vol.

Bilberry– 45%vol. Wild Sloe – 45%vol.

Rowan Berry – 45%vol. Elderberry– 45%vol.

Ginger Spirit – 45%vol.

Cedrat Spirit– 45%vol.


The great classics in a gift presentation

Obtained by double distillation in our copper stills, only the best part of the distillation process “le Cœur de Chauffe” is kept to age a minimum of 3 years before being selected for bottling.

Raspberry – 45%vol. Kirsch (Cherry)– 45%vol.

Alsatian Gewurtzraminer Marc A.O.C – 45%vol. Mirabelle Plum – 45%vol.

Williams Pear– 45%vol. Old Plum – 45%vol.


Because each gift is unique, each moment shared is precious, the Lehmann Distillery, with its savoir-faire going back to 1850, has created for you an original collection with the art of giving in mind.

Signature by Lehmann, invites you to discover a savoir-faire handed down from father to son for 5 generations and to enjoy sharing these exceptional moments with friends or family.

This creation, in a limited edition, is a special selection of our top quality eaux-de-vie from the traditional range. You will find in them all the quintessence of the fruit distilled in an ancestral manner.

Wild Raspberry – 45%vol. Alsatian Mirabelle Plum – 45%vol.

Alsatian Gewurztraminer Marc – 45%vol. Williams Pear- 45%vol.

Old Plum- 45%vol.