family reserve

A minimum of 8 years in a “Dame Jeanne” (glass demijohn) gives a greater fullness and subtlety to these exceptional vintages. These brandies are only produced in the best years when the quality of the fruit is exceptional.

the work of time

Only the “Coeur de chauffe” is kept to age.

To keep up with tradition, it’s in the attic of the “chai” (the wine and spirit storehouse) that the Dames Jeanne are placed away from the light, there where the changing whims of the weather create warm, cool and cold conditions, sometimes with very big differences in temperature. During this long ageing process punctuated by the changes of temperature and season, the eau-de-vie develops and acquires the smoothness and roundness necessary to earn its title of Exceptional Eau-de-vie.

The Master Distiller is a craftsman, an artist in harmony with nature, with “real” products. He has the secret of time, he knows his eaux-de-vie and the exact number of years necessary to age them.

When the Master Distiller considers that the eau-de-vie has reached maturity and deserves its title of “Exceptional”, at that moment the bottling process can begin.

Family reserve

A minimum of 8 years in a Dame Jeanne gives a greater fullness and subtlety to these exceptional eaux-de-vie.

Vintage 1992



Distilled in 1992, the coppery colour of this late harvest Alsatian Gewurztraminer Marc reveals a pure nectar.

Drinking this brandy is a real ceremony. Serve Gewurztraminer Marc at a temperature of 8 to 9 degrees in a suitable glass, admire the copper colour with its shimmering sparkle produced by the tears that appear on the glass and allow yourself to be intoxicated by the fragance of the almost crystallized ripe grape, enhanced by notes of cocoa bean.

On the palate, the first impression is of sweetness followed by a very pleasant surge of power with an inimitable taste of chocolate, which characterizes this Gewurztraminer Marc and finally, a beautiful long finish.

Pure pleasure!


Late harvest Alsatian Gewurztraminer Marc

Medal eaux-de-vie

Since 1986 our eaux-de-vie have won prizes every year in different competitions. In 2011 the distillery achieved the high distinction of winning 6 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris.

Medal Eaux-de-vie

Know-how which wins prizes every year.

Excellence Eaux-de-Vie