Elsass Whisky - Single Malt - ORIGINE

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IGP - Indication Géographique Protégée

Bronze medal Concours Général Agricole in Paris 2014

Aged for 7 years in white Bordeaux wine casks, 40% VOL.


Appearance: a bright golden colour, limpid and brilliant with big long tears, sign of a great alcohol.

Nose: A powerful nose with a hint of roasted malt, slightly woody with a vanilla aroma, accompanied by the scents of ripe fruits, stewed or even candied (pear, mirabelle), and a touch of milky, buttery caramel: a powerful, rich and complex initial taste giving way to something smoother.

Palate: Hints of malted barley and cereals in the mouth, together with a suggestion of buttery and vanilla confectionery.  The mid-palate feel is round and rich.

Distillation and ageing

Elsass Whisky is obtained by the double distillation of a pure barley malt in line with the traditional method of the Lehmann Distillery. This pure barley malt is aged in white Bordeaux wine oak casks for 7 years.

Tasting tip

Elsass Whisky can be enjoyed as an aperitif or a digestive Serve chilled but, as with all high quality spirits, never with ice!

Available in 70 cl Bottle,  35 cl Coffret Signature by Lehmann, 20 cl or 10 cl flask, 5 cl Mignonnette

Elsass Whisky - SIGNATURE by LEHMANN

Single Malt - ORIGINE.


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